Spring is around the corner and patio season calls for a nice glass of whiskey while soaking up the sun. Whiskey is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed by consumers with a range of palettes. Finding the right food pairings can elevate the experience and ultimately enhance the flavor profile of the whiskey.

First, it’s important to get the whiskey drinks sorted. While many enjoy whiskey neat, others prefer it in a cocktail form. Some spring whiskey cocktails include: 

OldFashioned – While this one is a classic, you can ADD A FUN TWIST for spring. The base includes whiskey, bitters, and sugar. Add elderflower, lavender, or grapefruit to make the drink more floral and refreshing.  

Whiskey Lemonade – This one is about as simple as it gets and includes your favorite WHISKEY AND LEMONADE. You can add other elements, or keep it simple for those wanting a sweeter cocktail that is less whiskey-forward.  

Strawberry and Basil – Adding these to a whiskey cocktail offers a refreshing taste. You can also add blackberries or mint for another variation. Utilize the fresh flavors of spring to bring out sweeter notes of your whiskey. 

Whiskey Sour – Another classic whiskey cocktail that can be dressed up in a variety of ways. Incorporate orange or pomegranate for a more exciting sour. You can also use fun garnishes to make the drink stand out and fit the spring aesthetic.  


Now that you have some seasonal cocktails and whiskey offerings, it’s time to figure out which FOODS PAIR WELL WITH WHISKEY. Some popular pairings include: 


Cheese is a classic pairing when it comes to any type of alcohol and for good reason. Cheese offers its own unique flavor profile and can be mixed and matched based on the whiskey. Blue cheese and goat cheese often work well. 


Steak on its own is hearty and can stand up to the bolder flavors of whiskey. A ribeye and a smoky whiskey pair well, while a sirloin works best with a sweeter whiskey. Nothing is classier than a nice steak dinner paired with whiskey on the rocks! 


For a different meat option, LAMB works well. Keep the lamb simple and allow the flavor to shine through on its own. Add rosemary sprigs to offer a spring touch. Pair it with a light, single malt or any herbal flavor.  

Hawaiian Pizza

This one may seem unexpected, but the sweetness from the pineapple and saltiness from the ham pair well with any IRISH WHISKEY 

Dark Chocolate Fondue

Pairing a dessert with a nice whisky to end the night offers a degree of luxury. This one also pairs well with an Irish whisky. You can balance out a heavy bourbon with the sweetness of the chocolate. If you’re also utilizing cheese as a pairing, add a cheese fondue for another fun option.  


The OPTIONS FOR SEAFOOD depend on how full-bodied your whiskey tastes. Lobster often goes with the full-bodied options. Rye whiskies pair nicely with salmon and lighter whiskies taste best with mild fish or scallops.  


Finding whiskey pairings can open your bar or distillery up to an entirely new stream of income. Many people enjoy a glass of whiskey but are more likely to stick around if food options are also available. 

Barrel Mill is here for all of your whiskey needs and offers everything from barrels to infusion spirals. Make the most of the spring season and find foods that complement the palette and intrigue customers to keep coming back. Check out our BLOG for other drink ideas.