Infusion Spiral®

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Many award-winning wines, beers, and spirits you’ve come to love share one secret ingredient: The Barrel Mill Infusion Spiral®. Our spirals act as a barrel alternative for fast flavor extraction and refined, integrated results. Designed, patented, and manufactured in the USA.

First introduced in 2004, The Barrel Mill Infusion Spiral® was created as a smarter, faster, more efficient way to give new barrel-quality flavor to wine, beer, spirit, and cider – all at a reduced cost and timeframe.

The result is arguably the most barrel-like flavor of any adjunct on the market. The key to the perfect spiral is dual grain exposure of cross grain and parallel grain. Together, they speed up the submersion and extraction of flavor and aroma compounds, giving your beverage a new flavor impact in weeks.

While Infusion Spirals started out as an adventure with oak for winemakers, we have expanded our offerings to include exotic woods. If finishing is your jam, we carry a variety of species, including Amburana, Mizunara, Spanish Cedar, and more.

Ask about our sample packs to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Low Cost Per Gallon
  • Years of Proven Results
  • Easy Dosage Adjustment
  • Variety of Toasts and Blends
  • Quickly Fix a Product Flaw
  • Perfect Touch for Finishing
  • Patented Product by The Barrel Mill® 
  • Spirals are Air-Seasoned 
  • Available from Stock in a Variety of Sizes
  • Adds Refined Flavor in Days or Weeks
Selecting the right species is only half the battle. Size matters, too.


When it becomes impractical to age a large volume of wine or beer inside neutral barrels, you need an Infusion Spiral® Tank Pack. Our Tank Packs contain five 48″ long spirals designed to hang on the wall of a tank with ease.


Looking to add new oak to a neutral barrel? Try our Barrel Packs. Each pack contains six individual spirals measuring 9” long. Barrel Packs can be purchased as is or with a stainless steel eyescrew and silicon bung.


Carboys are the perfect solution for home brewers and winemakers. Each Carboy includes two 8” spirals with their own unique flavor profile. Carboys can be purchased through our distributor partners: BSG or LD Carlson.


Quickly and easily, make a top-shelf impact on any bottle with Bottle Spirals. Learn more about our Barrel-Aged In A Bottleofferings.

Craft an

With our Age Your Own model, craft beverage lovers can experience Oak Infusion Spirals® anytime they want. All that’s needed is a drink of choice and a spiral – we’ll guide customers through the rest of the process.

Age Your Own Diagram

Available for wholesale purchases, making this the perfect retail addition for:


We know what makes a good sprial, you know what makes a good spirit.

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