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As one of the leading cooperages in the United States, with a history in lumber dating back nearly a century, we combine old-world craftsmanship with new-world technology to deliver the finest oak barrels, barrel alternatives, and custom displays to the wine, spirit, and retail industries.

the art

of Craft

Quality distillers know the recipe for fine craft spirits is equal parts art and science. The same philosophy drives the dedicated coopers of The Barrel Mill®. Just as you rely on the best ingredients to craft your spirits, we hand-select the finest materials for our premium oak barrels, Infusion Spirals®, and custom displays, coopering each one with care.


The Barrel

Jordan Hobbs

Production Manager

Sony Miller


Calen Kirkland

Sales Manager

Erin Nysse

Barrel Sales

Desi Hall

Spiral Sales

Richard Hobbs

Distillery Sales

Jeremy Wochnick

Display Sales

Roger Berkness

Log Buyer

Eric Lindberg

Maintenance Manager

The Value of Partnership

For nearly two decades, The Barrel Mill has formed partnerships with some of the leading distilleries, breweries, and wineries in the world.

Perfect Your Craft.

We know what makes a good barrel, you know what makes a good spirit.

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