For a true connoisseur of quality whiskey, understanding food pairings and flavor profiles is very important. The wrong fat content, seasoning, or dipping sauce can ruin the flavors of a perfectly-aged spirit. While some may believe you can hardly go wrong with a well-cooked steak and two fingers of your favorite scotch, there are some subtle rules that upgrade a meal from indulgent to unforgettable.


There are a few things to consider when creating a MASTERPIECE PAIRING. For example, you must consider the sauces, the method of preparation, and the fat content. According to THEWHISKEYWASH.COM, a nicely marbled steak goes well with something robust that will slice through the fat and give you a refreshing taste before and after each bite.

For a leaner steak with little to no fat, pump up the flavor with a sweet or spicy taste. Bourbon, spicy rye, or Canadian whisky are perfect options, and can be served similarly to peppercorn sauce. As for grilled and smoked steaks, any whiskey with a sweet flavor will go a long way to balance your taste buds.


Especially as we begin transitioning into cooler months, there are a plethora of meat options coming to the table. Consider these tips when pairing your favorite whiskey with other meats.


Wild game can be tricky to pair. Because wild game is typically very lean, butchers compensate with the fat of other animals, such as pork or beef. Regardless of your seasoning choices, venison typically carries a rich, smoky flavor. To balance this, chose a whiskey with a touch of bitterness with subtle tones of fruit and smoke.

Cured Beef and Pork

Charcuterie boards are very popular for entertaining guest, gathering around the holidays, or just watching the game on Sundays. Popular meats of choice on a charcuterie board include cured meats, such as salami, pastrami, pepperoni, or bacon. These meats can have a variety of spiciness, smokiness, or saltiness that can overpower a whiskey. Choose a rich, bold whiskey with smokey flavor.

Pork Rillettes

Pork rillettes are CURED PORK MEAT which have a rich, full taste, as well as a subtly sweet aftertaste. A good whiskey option will feature a spicy flavor that blends well with the spiciness and fattiness of pork. At THE BARREL MILL, our mission is to provide you with quality, consistency, and repeatability in every batch you order. To learn more about the different types of whiskey, take a look at our website and blog. If you happen to have any questions or concerns, then please don’t be afraid to reach out to us anytime during our hours.