With the popularity and prevalence of whiskey, it’s easy to hear a few myths about it. Some of these myths are harmless, but some can also be detrimental to your enjoyment. For this reason, this blog will cover three of the most common whiskey myths and shed light on the truth.


There is a lot of information about whiskey when it comes to age. Perhaps the most common one is that your whiskey will continue to age in the bottle on your shelf at home. How many times have you heard that a bottle will get better with time?

It turns out that whiskey ONLY AGES WHILE IN THE CASK. Once it’s bottled, it will maintain the same flavor profile until it begins deteriorating. While an aged whiskey will be smoother and better-tasting, don’t expect to buy a low-aged bottle to enjoy in a couple of years.


Where was the first whiskey made? The most adamant purists will have an immediate answer to this question. You may have even heard an argument about if the first whiskey was made in Ireland or Scotland. But what if we told you that the first batch of whiskey likely wasn’t made in either of these two places?

The OLDEST WRITTEN RECORD OF DISTILLATION comes from Italy. That’s right, it’s likely that the same people who graced us with pizza and pasta also contributed to the making of whiskey. While it might not have been the same recipe as the batches you can find in Ireland and Scotland, the work done on early alcohol distillation in Italy paved the way for distilleries throughout the world.


You may have heard people say that there is only one way to enjoy this lovely refreshment. Some swear that you must drink it neat or that the flavors shouldn’t be muddled with mixers of any kind. This myth only serves to alienate newcomers to whiskey and make the experience less enjoyable for everyone. The best way to enjoy whiskey is however it tastes best to you. For the best experience, find a bottle you enjoy and a way you enjoy drinking it.

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